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Bob Behnke

May 1st
Uses: Pearl drums, Paste cymbals, and Vic Firth sticks

Bob has been playing the drums as long as he could find something to pound on and annoy people. A founding member of Seventh Omen, he and Dave answered Clay's musician want ad on the same day, and the rest is history!

Bob's goals are simple: "To be the best, and gain national recognition as one of the best drummers in my field." Although he may state his goals simply, they are not far from realistic. Bob's interest in drumming started, as he puts it, "as soon as I was able to hold a stick." He began playing drums seriously in 1978 and purchased his first double bass set at age 16. His mind constantly working on new beats, Bob will use anything as a practice pad and any floor for double bass practice; a habit that has caused some problems in his lifetime.

Influenced over the years by people like Mickey Dee, Vinnie Paul, Scott Travis, and Mike Pourtnoy, Bob's style has evolved into timekeeping of a very powerful, progressive nature. Complexity is the key word to describe the way in which he plays and 5/4, 6/8, 7/8 times are not unusual, even in the same song. For every new song, Bob incorporates a whole original set of beats not used in others, although some of his drum bashing is better described as "extended fills" than actual beats. This is done in order to make each Seventh Omen song all the more distinctive.

Power has never been a weakness either. "He's the loudest drummer I've ever worked with," says Clay of Bob's playing. "People love watching him play!" In spite of this and his progressive, on the edge style, Bob is still trying to progress to an even higher level of performance.

Bob likes driving his Corvette, being loud and wild, and playing the piano. He also likes video games, Pepsi, and his fish tank.

Clay Dave Damon