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The Story of Seventh Omen

by Damon Bernklau

Clay Clay Yoksas was a quiet youth on the outside.  He never gave a hint at the turmoil boiling inside of him.  He grew up in picture perfect suburbia with everything a "normal" young kid might want.  But, heaped upon his young conscience was the weight of all the worlds ills.  When he realized that other kids didn't share his thoughts or his obsession with abstract concepts, he stopped speaking altogether.  Trying to come to grips with the evils of human life and the hopelessness of our continually deteriorating society, Clay slipped into a meditative state one night in hopes that he could find some answers to his questions.  He didn't come out of it until one year had passed.  But now, he knew what had to be done.  It was time to speak again.

DavidA tough streetwise punk named David Alsing grew up in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. Surrounded by crime, gangs, and drugs, David still maintined his sense of right and wrong.  So when he was walking home late one night and was the unexpected witness to a rape in progress, David did what his heart told him to and attempted to thwart the 4 men committing the horrible crime.  David, along with the rape victim, was shot with a .38 caliber revolver.  Very close to death, David was rushed to the hospital.  He was dead on the table.  After 4 minutes the doctors revived his lifeless body, but, David now knew many things that he didn't know before.

DamonDamon Bernklau, a vagabond, a drifter, run out of just about every town from here to California.  He supported his young self by going from city to city, town to town, and playing his guitar either in a cheap bar or right on the street.  But it was an honest life.  He didn't steal and he was a peaceful kid.  Until he rolled into Chattahan, Iowa.  Where the local good 'ol boys didn't take to kindly to a hippy kid who didn't appear to have a job.  So, after a night of playing guitar in a local ginmill, they cornered him in an alley.  They beat him with axe handles until he didn't move anymore.  They smashed his guitar and drove him out of town and dumped him in a cornfield where he lay for 2 straight weeks before the farmer found him, barely alive but with a strange gleam in his eye.

BobLiving in an insane asylum all your life can have some strange effects on a persons behavior.  As it was with Bob Benkhe.  A problem patient, Bob was never one to follow hospital rules.  Incoherent and seemingly dangerous most of the time, Bob was not allowed any sort of normal life.  He was kept drugged and restrained because if he wasn't he would rant and rave about Jesus, the Devil, and how he had to get to them.  It was decided that the best thing for Bob would be electrical shock therapy.  But there was an accident, a power surge.  50 times the normal voltage was pumped into Bob's body.  Later, trying to explain how he escaped, the doctors were all recomended for psychiatric evaluation after telling the story of his disappearance.

These four people found each other beyond the confines of reality that the rest of us know.  They each left the world of the living simutaneously, at the same time. Although seemingly gone for only a few moments, their souls flew far and finally met and melted into one with which they lived a million lifetimes outside the realms of time and space.  Now they are back.  To tell us what they saw.  Again they are together as one...SEVENTH OMEN.

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