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Clay Bob Dave Damon

SEVENTH OMEN - Pure, Powerful, Metal!

SEVENTH: of the number written 7, vii, VII -symbolic for final, complete, total, ultimate
OMEN: a phenomenon or incident regarded as a prophetic sign

Formed in Chicago suburbs in 1988 by Clay Yoksas (Guitar & Vocals), the first Seventh Omen line up was completed when Bob Behnke (Drums) and David Alsing (Bass) answered a musicians want ad. The lineup was solidified in 1991 with the addition of Damon Bernklau (Lead Guitar). Searching for a long time for musicians with the same style and talent, the four immediately found a niche for each other's musical style as well as mutual respect for each other's talents.
Read the incredible story of how these four were brought together!

Seventh Omen draws influences from a broad spectrum of heavy music like Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, and Queensryche, as well as classics like Sabbath, Priest, etc.. Seventh Omen plays a heavy and energetic, yet melodic and technical, brand of music that's accessible to the current record-buying public, without going over people's heads. While still remaining faithful to the genre of heavy metal, the band manages to keep the music sounding fresh and up to date.

All of Seventh Omen's successes so far are the result of years of their own hard work and self promotion. They have been releasing their own recordings in the U.S. and in the European market since 1991. Their first tape with the current line up, a seven song EP entitled Abstractions, sold so well and got so many great reviews, it only made sense for the band to release a full length album. True to their conviction and belief in their music, the band started recording Majestic, their first CD release.

Majestic was released in September of 1995 under the Septagram label at a time when metal was in its greatest decline. Although the music industry didn't want to give a second glance at anything "metal", the metal fans, magazines, and radio stations loved Seventh Omen's Majestic. The week it was added to radio play lists, it was #3 most added (just under Anthrax and Ozzy, and above Marilyn Manson). It was on over 100 play lists and four radio charts for almost three months, as well as many stations across Europe. There were great reviews in magazines across the U.S., Europe, and South America, as well as ads for the CD in many of these magazines. The problem, unfortunately, was the lack of good, solid distribution. When the buzz and demand for Seventh Omen were at their peak, their main U.S. distributor filed for bankruptcy and failed to get the CDs into stores. The band got many letters and e-mails, and eventually orders, from people who wanted to buy Majestic, but couldn't find it anywhere. While there were still many sales in Europe, there were never as many in the U.S. as there should have been.

After dealing with the business of releasing Majestic, the many let-downs despite the apparent success of the album, and trying several times to set up "the tour that almost happened," it wasn't until mid 1997 that Seventh Omen started writing songs for their next CD.

In November of 1999, the band released its second CD, Polarized. With a new release of their strongest material yet, and with metal once again on the upswing, Seventh Omen was armed and ready to conquer the world.

In March and April of 2000, Seventh Omen went on a US tour with metal legends W.A.S.P. winning new fans across the country.

In October of 2001, Seventh Omen released Abstract Destiny, a CD re-release of early Seventh Omen recordings. These were songs which were recorded prior to Majestic, but were only released on cassette. (Remember those things?)

In August of 2001, Seventh Omen played their last show together. They would never practice together again. Seventh Omen was Seventh Over! There were a variety of factors involved in the decision to disband, but most of all, it just stopped being fun. There were many disappointments and it was hard to continue caring or to recapture the enthusiasm that the band once had in abundance. Now, Seventh Omen lives on in its music and continues to sell CDs and make new fans around the world.

There has been talk of a Seventh Omen reunion. Whether it ever happens seems pretty unlikely, but who knows... anything is possible.