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The Seventh Omen Recordings

Seventh Omen released a total of 3 CDs between 1995 and 2001. Their brand of metal combines heavy riffs, catchy rhythms, power, melody, energy, and plenty of hooks.

Polarized Polarized
Released in November of 1999, Polarized is straight forward metal! The newest of the Seventh Omen material and perhaps the best Seventh Omen album! With 13 tracks and over 60 minutes of pure, powerful music, it is less progressive than the previous releases, but the songs are more catchy.

Polarized won many new fans for Seventh Omen and received great reviews from all over the world. It eventually sparked interest from several labels and helped to launch a US tour with W.A.S.P..

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Majestic Majestic
The first Seventh Omen CD, Majestic, was released in October of 1995. It was added to over 100 radio play lists across the U.S. in the following two months and was listed on at least six different charts, some in the top 40 or 50! It received great reviews in many magazines in the U.S., all across Europe, and in South America. The band received many letters from fans all over the world as well as letters from die-hard metal fans wanting to get their hands on Majestic.

Although the album was released at a time when the popularity of metal was in a steep decline, it was still very well received! We knew then that metal wasn't dead, and that it would never die, as long as there are still millions of people around the world who love it!

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Abstract Destiny Abstract Destiny
Released in October of 2001, Abstract Destiny is the most recent CD release of the oldest Seventh Omen songs. The third CD from Seventh Omen, it is actually a re-release of 9 songs from the early recordings Abstractions and Date With Destiny which were never before released on CD. Due to the high demand for these songs over the years, it only made sense to finally put them out on CD.

Abstractions This 7 song tape was released in 1992. It got very good reviews and sold very well. When we sold all of the copies and later released Majestic, our fans refused to let us forget about Abstractions. Two of the songs from Abstractions were re-recorded on Majestic ("The Dark Side" and "Goodbye"), so they were not included on Abstract Destiny.

Date With Destiny Released in 1990, this 4 song tape goes way back to the days before Damon was in the band. The second guitarist at the time was Darrell Raap, who eventually left the band to do something "darker".

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